Be with someone who

“Be with someone who says I love you every night ~ and then proves it every day.”
That’s true love!!!

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African Fashion: Would you wear this?

Her makeup looks great!


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Pennsylvania School Stabbing Spree

“16-year-old Pennsylvania boy was charged Wednesday evening with two dozen felony counts after 20 students and a security guard were stabbed or slashed at a suburban Pittsburgh high school.
The boy, identified as Alex Hribal, a sophomore at Franklin Senior Regional High School in Murrysville, was held without bail on four counts of attempted homicide, 21 counts of aggravated assault and a misdemeanor count of carrying a prohibited weapon.

At least four people remained in intensive care with life-threatening injuries after the rampage Wednesday morning at Franklin Senior Regional High School in the town of Murrysville.
Hribal was remanded to juvenile detention pending a preliminary hearing April 30 in Westmoreland County Magisterial Court.
Prosecutors told Judge Charles R. Conway that Hribal “randomly and indiscriminately” wielded his knives in a hallway at the school and indicated that “he wanted to die.”
Hribal was well-known to many at Franklin High, who called him a good student — certainly not someone you would expect to go off violently.
“I don’t know what could possibly motivate him to do it,” Shane Molyneaux told NBC News in an email interview.
“He was somewhat friendly. He was very smart,” Molyneaux said. “He was not bullied and he did not seem like a mean kid. He did have friends.”
But for some reason, he left the home he’s lived in since he was 2 years old Wednesday morning — on the same Murrysville street as the home of the assistant principal whom authorities credited with subduing him — and arrived at school with two 8-inch-long long straight knives, according to the criminal complaint.”

Note from us,
It’s not safe anymore really.
We send our prayers to everyone effected by this.

Queen Latifah and Centric to revive canceled VH1 Single Ladies?

“VH1 may have axed rom-com series Single Ladies from their lineup in February, but the show about three best friends working in the world of Atlanta fashion, music, and celebrity has just received a second life on BET’s sister network, Centric.”

Note from us,
That’s nice for the fans, but everyone don’t have Centric network.

Tisha Chantel Birthday Cake

“My Official #Birthday #Cake Omg!!!! Yes I had two b~day cakes this year lol.”

LCT1_851347391557849_792631104_n Credit: Tisha Chantel

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Did Twitter New Design Copy Facebook?!?

“Starting now, Twitter will look a lot more like Facebook. Sorry, folks.
On Tuesday, Twitter introduced a much more photo-centric redesign displaying a cover photo and profile picture in a strikingly similar way to its larger social networking cousin. According to Twitter’s blog, the changes start rolling out immediately, and your profile will look different in the next few weeks.”

Note from us
The new twitter design looks pretty cool!!!☮


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Miranda Lambert – Mama’s Broken Heart

We love this song, it rocks!!!!!!

How is everyone?

We hope you all are doing great!!!! XOXO ♥

Hippie vs Hipster?!? ☮

It’s not what you think people,

“The word ‘hippie’ came from hipster, and was initially used to describe beatniks who had moved into New York City’s Greenwich Village and San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury district.”

That’s soOoOOoOoooOOoOoO groovy!!! ☮


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Favorite Love!

Why is love

Why is love so painful at times?

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Είστε κοιτάζει Chapter
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