Steven Thorpe, British Teen Who Was Declared Brain Dead By Doctors, Makes Miracle Recovery

“Despite being declared brain dead by four doctors, a car crash victim has made a miracle recovery after his parents begged for a second opinion before his life support was due to be switched off, BBC News reports.
Four years ago, Steven Thorpe from Warwickshire, England, was involved in a horrific car accident that killed one of his friends.
Thorpe, who was just 17 at the time, suffered near-fatal injuries to his head and was rushed to University Hospital in Coventry for emergency surgery, the Sun reports.”

Good for his parents for not giving up on him when those other doctors did.
Yay for their son we’re so happy he recoverd!♥
Wonder what those doctors are saying now??? They were going to turn the life support off on a person who was still alive…. Wonder how many times this has happened before.


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