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Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Divorcing?

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are calling it quits after being married for five years.

Aw…they seemed so happy together….. but you have to go with the heart….Good-Luck to both of them….


Bone Thugs N Harmony East 1999

Snoop Dogg busted in Norway?

Norwegian media are reporting that Snoop Dogg was briefly detained in Norway after entering the country with marijuana and a large amount of cash

Customs officials decline to confirm the report, saying only that an American artist entered Norway with a small amount of marijuana that was detected by a sniffer dog. Norwegian law prevents law enforcement officials from naming suspects.

It was just weed and some money lol…. But really, the money part is crazy! People can’t carry how much money they want on them…..For real? Geez.


The Maze Of Wonder Photo

Jay-Z & Alicia Keys Empire State of Mind

Ann Curry is leaving the ‘Today’ show

Ann Curry, in an interview on Wednesday with USA Today, confirmed the news everyone said was imminent: She’s leaving the “Today” show.

In a 40-minute phone interview with a reporter from the newspaper, Curry said she expected Thursday to “be a bit of a tough day … I’m going to have to tell our viewers. That’s what makes me more emotional than anything. I don’t want to leave them. I love them. And I will really miss them.”

You’ll be miss too….


Tim Life While Being In The Army: First Video Chat

Tim and I had our first video chat today, I never did video chats before ( and didn’t want too) lol, but he kept asking me to make an account, so I was like omg let me get this over with so he can stop asking.. Anyway he’s doing great…He made it to his new home he will deploy in a few months…

He wants me too fly so I can visit him at his new home – OMG FLY! ‘ I don’t know about getting on a plane’ I was like I can take a bus, he said that would be a long drive lol.

We talked and talked and then he was like, girl you change your room too much lol…(I’m like yeah) He saw my new poster of The Eiffel Tower on my wall lol, but it’s only a few months new he didn’t know that though…
Anyway his room looks so depressing OMG!!! I told him he need to put a picture on his wall he was like LOL, that was the ending part of our video chat……♥

I will post occasionally about Tim Life While Being In The Army….

Have a great night everyone….♥

The Eye Of The Owl

The name was picked/voted by someone lol……

The name was voted by someone lol……

Batman dies in ‘Dark Knight Rises’?

Director Christopher Nolan’s take on Batman has always been darker, grittier and more realistic, but now he and his fellow series creators have told Empire magazine that “The Dark Knight Rises” may come to a definitive end. Will Batman have to die to bring closure to the trilogy?
The director’s brother, Jonathan Nolan, certainly makes it seem that way.
“It’s the right way to end it — to blow the whole thing up!” he told Empire. “It’s better than trying to spin the thing out indefinitely and make it into the Bond franchise.”

Still, some tales are meant to be tragic. What if Romeo and Juliet had run off and lived out their days in love and happiness, or if Humphrey Bogart’s Rick had stayed with Ilsa in “Casablanca”? Tragedy in film helps position the moral compass of society, exposing the natural vulnerability and flaws of people through on-screen characters.

To see misery unfold unrelentingly on screen or in text is one of the greatest forms of catharsis we can experience. For a hyper-affluent, handsome, righteous hero like Batman to die would be a blow to the good-triumphs-over-evil trope that is so thoroughly ingrained in Western cultural and religious traditions. The good figure — the Christ figure — must always rise after being beaten down; yet, as anyone struck by tragedy knows, this is not always the case in real life.

Batman’s death would be the only satisfying conclusion to this trilogy that has seen its own fair share of heartbreak with the death of Heath Ledger, who played The Joker in “The Dark Knight.”

Still, his death would upend the first rule of superheroes: They are beyond human and therefore out of reach of death’s mighty grasp. Batman as a symbol of good over evil is forever immortal. The character Bruce Wayne’s fate, however, is up in the air.

But is his death absolutely necessary for a satisfying ending to Nolan’s series?

“You’ve given them everything,” a distressed Catwoman says in the trailer, whereupon Batman forebodingly replies: “Not everything. Not yet.”

That sucks – it’s Batman…..No happy ending…. At least let him an iPad….We like the batman movie from 1989 it was all happy….lol♥


2Pac Dear Mama

No love for my daddy cause the coward wasn’t there……

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