Lady Gaga Sued By French Artist Orlan For $31.7 Million?: Rich people at it again!

“Mais oui. Or so says the artist Orlan, who is suing the Mother Monster and Universal France for $31.7 million on grounds that the beginning of the “Born This Way” video features a look the singer stole from one of Orlan’s pieces.

The artist — who might wanna get in line behind Madonna with her finger-wagging — says the disembodied heads you see above not only look like but were even constructed in the same manner as Orlan’s “Femme a Tete,” built in 1996.

Le Quotidien de l’Art broke the news Wednesday, prompting buzz from a number of European and visual arts publications. According to the National Post, Orlan’s $31.7 million figure represents 7.5 percent of what the video and album sales of “Born This Way” have already raked in. She is reportedly also asking that the album be taken off the market.
The suspicious chatter reportedly began shortly after Gaga was spotted rocking those little skin-toned shelves on either side of her head to promote the video. Though not surgically implanted as Orlan’s external bumps were, they look mighty familiar, says French blogger de Camille (via HuffPo).

Various other art taste makers and bloggers quickly noticed the similarities, yielding sites like the Tumblr, which is entirely devoted to proselytizing about the Gaga’s art of the rip-off.

Still, $31.7 million is a lotta bread, especially when you consider that Madonna has yet to take Lady G. to court over the relatively explicit idea-poaching of “Express Yourself” for “Born This Way.”

Then again, maybe calling the kid on her you-know-what from the stage of an arena is more poignant. It’s gotta be more fun …”

But what they gonna do with ” $31.7 million” though? LOL! Hey you can share one of those “millions” with us, cause we have real bills to pay. Y’all rich folks don’t know how the poor live. -_-

We’re the fools, y’all getting paid lots of money to sing and make art, while we’re dying poor.


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non- illuminati new art princess!


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