Monthly Archives: December 2013

Never give up on

Never give up on your dreams….

To be loved

All I ever wanted was to be loved….


Lady Gaga – Venus (VEVO Presents)


Is this heart lonely, or stolen

I survived because?

“I survived because I was tougher than anybody else.” That’s right!

LCT Applause...

I cry is because of you

I wish you knew that, the reason I now cry is because of you.

Toni Braxton – He Wasn’t Man Enough

Love this song!!!

One last time

I wish you would hold me one last time.

Guess What

Would you even know why?

If I killed myself, would you even know why?

Love_ IMG_2802

Blue Storm

When you’re dead

They only care when you’re dead…

.Le'Chantel فريق

Make Homemade Donuts!!!


Member Tisha Chantel, made donuts for her mother.

What dessert is your favorite to make?