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We hope 2014 was

We hope 2014 was a good year for you all!
Sincerely, LeChantel Team.

Dr Evil: LeChantel?

Yeah we wanna know too!
So Who Is This Le Chantel

Be careful what you wish for: every last bit of it

Be careful what you wish for!

Tisha Shantel

Life is so painful, I don’t believe I have ever felt so much pain before until now. They say “be careful what you wish for” but I wish it would all just go away every last bit of it.

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They kept me from my dad

They kept her from her father!

Tisha Shantel

They kept me from my dad, I’m so broken over that.

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My first post: We can get through this together #Venting

Go Check It Out!

Tisha Shantel

I guess I’ll start my first post with, my life somewhat SUCKS! Omg I have so many crazy things going on in my life right now that I can’t even fully think clear and it’s not fair!!!! But I’m doing my best to work through whatever the problems are in my life. If someone else out there is going through something bad I pray things get better for you too, we can get through this together….

Tisha Chantel

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Sometimes you just have to move on

Sometimes you just have to move on….


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If you love someone then

If you love someone then why would you hurt them?

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Moon Photography By Tisha Shantel

IMG_7623 Courtesy of Tisha Chantel

Dark Skin Vs Light Skin

“Dark Skin Vs Light Skin” What the heck do that even mean?

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You have to let negative people what?

You have to let negative people live in their own negative world….. Stay positive!

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