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Failure will never overtake me if

“Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough.”


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Let's stand on top of the world together LCT

Love Yourself

Love Yourself…♥

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The pain is still the same #NewDay

Photo post by @TishaChantel.

Source: The pain is still the same #NewDay

Don’t let anyone steal

Don’t let anyone steal your joy away.



Tisha Shantel - Yesterday

Beware of these kind of friends


They talk about you too!


LaRhiannon #Throwback

The LaRhiannon Chapter June 2014....

Dumb Stuff #TishaShantel

LCT Write a whole bunch of dumb stuff

Viola Davis win best actress in drama series: Congratulation! #EmmyAward

Viola Davis became the first black woman ever to win best actress in a drama series.