About LeChantel Team

Publisher, Music Composer, Singer, Video Maker, Vlog Maker, Advocate,
Photographer, Writer,and Photo Editor.

reficuL taerg fo rethguad dna nos eeht era eW

Before you read on- take note that,
we won’t do weekly personal journal blog post. If you’re someone who only likes to read, well this page might not be entirely in your full interest. We do more videos/photos rather than written journals.

We’re just average people – well we think we are…

Someone said we should share our lives with the world by doing a radio show, so we started what was known as The L.and.L Team 2006-2010 With (Part – Time Member Tim.)

Our Online Organization 2007-
Help End Abuse- Send prayers to people who have cancer.
MusicL.Team 2009-2010

Our Team came back in mid 2011- as Le’Chantel Team.
We will add most of our videos here – We really don’t have as much
time anymore like we did in the past to update daily.

We will write something on our team page every once in a while. Thanks for understanding!

Check out our youtube page http://www.youtube.com/user/Lechantelproduction – What you’ll get is a small glance into our lives and art work…

Art work made by Our Princess Of Le’Chantel Team ‘Tisha’Chantel’

Co manager,and
Approval by  *Tisha Shantel* Princess Of Le’Chantel Team Mother ‘Pat’.

If you have a video that you’ve made and want us to watch just send us an email.♥

Words of encouragement
Enjoy life to the fullest and spend lots of time with the people you love!♥

Email – lechantelteam@live.com or lechantelteam@gmail.com.
We Love Music,Art,Fashion,Poetry,Cell Phones, and a lot of other things as well…


Είστε κοιτάζει #2


We Love Music!


  1. NICE BLOG! Keep up the good work!

    MY BLOG : http://www.akaHipHop.com

  2. It’s me Tim

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