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Have You Ever? #TalkTime #Romance — Tisha Shantel

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“Today’s talk time is, Have you ever fell in love with someone who was already in love with someone else? ❤️💛💚💙💜❤️💛💚💙💜”

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Fourth of July 2016 — Tisha Shantel

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Drive of Clouds #Photography  — Tisha Shantel

Awesome moment☁️

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Elf came back to our home this year #Christmas #ElfOnTheShelf — Tisha Shantel


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Be the best you! — Tisha Shantel

Her words,

Be the best you!

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Hillary Clinton Now Leads Donald Trump in Popular Vote by Over 1.5 Million

We’re with her.

“It’s been nearly two weeks since Election Day, and even though Hillary Clinton lost the Electoral College, it appears that her popular vote count considerably exceeds that of President-elect Donald Trump.

As the dust settles, it would appear that Trump will walk away with 306 electoral votes compared to Clinton’s 232. According to the latest numbers, however, Trump received 61,820,845 votes in total, while Clinton has 63,390,669 votes to her name.

The voter difference comes out to 1,569,824, and ABC approximated that the 2016 voter breakdown was technically 48% for Clinton, and 47% for Trump.”


Today Is World #Diabetes Day 2016 — Tisha Shantel

We’re all praying for you, Tisha!

I’ve been dealing with having unstable blood glucose since I was a child. However, I wasn’t officially diagnosed as a diabetic until last year in 2015. This passed year has been long from highs and lows. Trying to adjust to my new diabetic medicine, to seeing new diabetic specialists, having my first diabetic eye exam, […]

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A prayer from my mom :) #God #Quote — Tisha Shantel

Thanks mom 🙂

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I’m doing all I can to survive but #Life — Tisha Shantel

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