Any material you submit must not be copyrighted by someone else and claimed as your own work. If submission to us is in fact copyrighted, then you must have the other parties permission to submit the work, this include music, art, photograph, poems, videos, and or news clips.

Though we are pleased to share art work to show support to aspiring musician, Actor/Actress, poets;

Do keep in mind that
We are not a record company, nor can we forward any of your submission to modeling companies, A&R, agencies, est. for you.

Le’Chantel Team is not liable for any work you submit. (This means if your work get lost, or used by someone else.)

If in fact you see some of your work that you didn’t send to us on our page, or don’t want on our page,

Send us an email and it will be removed as soon as possible.

Please keep in mind, that it may take up to 30 or 90
days to view unsolicited emails sent to us.

For more information
Contact us at,

For all news clippings posted on our page
we do not profit off of them, all news clippings have source links to its rightful owner.

We do not accept any material that shows discrimination, bullying, abuse, cruelty towards people/animals.

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