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Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld’s cat has 2 maids

Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld is known for his stoic demeanor, white mane and whimsical fashion shows. Now he’s acquired a reputation as a zany cat lover, setting off a mild frenzy among Internet denizens.

Lagerfeld gushed about his 9-month-old kitten Choupette this week in an interview with Women’s Wear Daily. The proud papa alternately referred to the Siamese cat as “a famous beauty” and “a kept woman.”

The German-born Lagerfeld, who has also designed for H&M and Fendi, baby-sat the kitten during Christmas for model Baptiste Giaconi but then refused to give her back. “I thought she was too cute,” he told WWD.

Now the pampered feline lives the high life. Choupette dines with Lagerfeld for lunch and dinner (“She doesn’t want to eat on the floor,” he noted). She knows her way around an iPad. And she has two “personal maids” who cater to her every whim “both night and day,” he said. “She is beyond spoiled.”

How cute is that…..♥

Cat Sings The Blues


Meow the 39-pound cat dies

Meow died over the weekend after developing unexpected respiratory difficulties.
This makes me sad I just did a post about Meow not too long ago… We really hoped he got better…
Rest In Peace Meow♥

Meow The Cat Is 39 Pounds

Two-year-old “Meow” who’s sick weighs 39 pounds, merely 27 more than he should, reports Santa Fe’s KRQE. He’s the equivalent of a 600-pound human.
Feel better soon Meow….

Little Cat and The Big Scream!!! 2011

That’s what happens when you’re trying to run at night with other people.