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Lady Gaga Suffers Concussion Onstage During Auckland Concert

Lady Gaga received a concussion in the middle of her Born This Way Ball show in Auckland, New Zealand on Sunday.

During the song “Judas,” one of the dancers accidentally hit the singer on the head with a pole. According to fan site, Gaga continued with the performance for another 16 songs.

“I want to apologize,” she told the crowd. “I did hit my head and I think I may have a concussion but don’t you worry I will finish this show.”
Aw we hope you feel better!


Justin Bieber Suffers Concussion After Paris Concert

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images via ABC

E! News confirms that the 18-year-old—who has been making numerous headlines lately—suffered a slight concussion after performing in Paris tonight.
It turns out that Biebs hit a glass wall in between songs (those can definitely be tricky) and felt a little disoriented. Being the dedicated young worker he is, Bieber finished the concert, but passed out for about 15 seconds in his dressing room afterward. J.B. is all right and in fact, he’s already laughing the whole thing off.

That’s really great he’s okay………

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