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Sweet Dreams! #Throwback

Sweet Dreams!


Mariah Carey – Make It Happen (LeChantel Team DreamLand Mix)

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Why do so many black men do this?

Why do so many black men run away from taking care of their children?

There’s this one black guy (I know) he don’t even claim his child at all. Yes the child is his and he know it, but he walking around acting like the child ain’t his. Ew like WTH? Man up and claim your child!

Yeah, yeah, yeah some white men do it too, but it’s mostly black men who do it.

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All morning I kept thinking

All morning I kept thinking gah it hurts being lie too, it hurts being too, it hurts being lie too, it hurts being lie too…… But I had to be the better person and forgive whoever again….
Holding on to pain can hurt you even more…..

Being Happy

It’s hard being happy but I find away to be happy… even if it’s just for a second!♥