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Are you happy with your life?

The Q for today is? Are you happy with your life and if not, what are you doing to
change it so you can be?


New York City Bans Large Sodas!

(CNN) — New York City officials are proposing banning the sale of large-size sodas and other sugary beverages at restaurants and food carts.
“More than half of NYC adults (58%) are overweight or obese,” Mayor Michael Bloomberg tweeted Thursday. “We’re doing something about it.”

It’s not like people can’t double up! Now there’s going to be people buying 2 medium-size sodas just to get their large-size soda…..If people want to drink sodas well that’s their choice……It’s not illegal…..

Now (58%) are underweight or Anorexic. What are you going to do about that?


Stop Living In The Past

You have to stop living in the past….Why? Because the past is over and done with… But the present is here (TODAY) don’t waste it away wondering what if….The what if is going to drive you crazy…

Instead of driving yourself crazy over the past; you can make changes in the present…TODAY IS HERE!!!!!!! It’s Time To Wake Up And Make A Change!

Yes I tell myself this when I go back to the past…..

Being Happy

It’s hard being happy but I find away to be happy… even if it’s just for a second!♥

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