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Maybe we want to

“We movie stars all end up by ourselves… Who knows? Maybe we want to.”
Bette Davis Was A True Movie Star!!!!!



Faye Dunaway Few Serve As Actors Quote

So many people are called but few serve as actors, you know what I mean? Faye Dunaway♥

Joan Crawford Hollywood Is Like Life Quote

Hollywood is like life, you face it with the sum total of your equipment.
Joan Crawford♥

Joan Crawford The Movie Star Quote

I never go outside unless I look like Joan Crawford the movie star. If you want to see the girl next door, go next door. Joan Crawford♥

Elizabeth Taylor Nervous Quote

Everything makes me nervous – except making films. Elizabeth Taylor♥

Bette Davis Survived Quote

I survived because I was tougher than anybody else. Bette Davis♥

Bette Davis Star Quote

Today everyone is a star… they’re all billed as ‘starring’ or ‘also starring’. In my day, we earned that recognition.
Bette Davis♥

Bette Davis Quote Realism♥

Hollywood always wanted me to be pretty, but I fought for realism.
Bette Davis♥

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