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Red is more. For the first time ever and for a limited time only, the N°5 bottle is changing to red, Gabrielle Chanel’s favourite colour. #Awesome

What a marvelous color! ❤️ Via Facebook

via Red is more. For the first time ever and for a limited time only, the N°5 bottle is changing to red, Gabrielle Chanel’s favourite colour. #Awesome — Tisha Shantel


Who else love hair accessories as much as I do? 💖🦄 See what headbands are trending for Fall 2017 at 👇🏽

via Headbands for Fall 2017 #HairAccessories — Tisha Shantel

Using coconut oils #NaturalHair #CurlyHair

So I started back using coconut oils on my hair last month ~Jan. 2016~ and it seem to be working really great for my curls….  

Source: Using coconut oils #NaturalHair #CurlyHair

Style is who you are

Style is who you are lct


New Fairy Lights

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Cleaning Silver Jewelry Be Like

Music Like A Prayer LeChantel Team 80s Bring Back Mix

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Blue Ivy’s Hair Sparks Ridiculous Change.Org Petition: Stop Bullying Blue Ivy!

“A new photo of Beyoncé and Jay Z’s daughter was released this weekend prompting many, including myself, to swoon over the two-year-old’s high level of cuteness. However, there were others — largely from the black community — who cringed at Blue’s natural tresses.

One of those critics is Jasmine Toliver, who created the petition entitled “Comb Her Hair.” The petition reads:

As a woman who understands the importance of hair care. It’s disturbing to watch a child suffering from the lack of hair moisture. The parents of Blue Ivy. Sean Carter a.k.a Jay Z and Beyoncé have failed at numerous attempts of doing Blue Ivy’s hair. This matter has escalated to the child developing matted dreads and lint balls. Please let’s get the word out to properly care for Blue Ivy hair.

“Matted dreads and lint balls” — really? You see all of that in the photo? My eyes see a little girl who just woke up from a nap on her private plane, was just living it up in The Hamptons, and whose hair is free and fabulous.

At this point Toliver has only garnered 15 supporters for her misguided cause and hopefully it stops there. Blue Ivy and her parents shouldn’t have to answer to any of these naysayers. As The Root’s Yesha Callahan so frankly put it, “maybe it’s not Blue Ivy’s hair that’s the issue but something internal that a lot of black people have.” ”

Note from us,

This is just sad!!!!

What are these petty people implying, that black children should hate their natural hair, or hate other black children natural hair and grow into their adulthood doing the same thing (Hating)? This is partly why so many black women have very low self – esteem about themselves, because of petty people like this.

Stop Bullying Blue Ivy! Stop making black children hate themselves for how they look!


African Fashion: Would you wear this?

Her makeup looks great!


Courtesy: We don’t own this photo, it belongs to its rightful owner.

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Tisha Chantel Birthday Cake

“My Official #Birthday #Cake Omg!!!! Yes I had two b~day cakes this year lol.”

LCT1_851347391557849_792631104_n Credit: Tisha Chantel

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Did Twitter New Design Copy Facebook?!?

“Starting now, Twitter will look a lot more like Facebook. Sorry, folks.
On Tuesday, Twitter introduced a much more photo-centric redesign displaying a cover photo and profile picture in a strikingly similar way to its larger social networking cousin. According to Twitter’s blog, the changes start rolling out immediately, and your profile will look different in the next few weeks.”

Note from us
The new twitter design looks pretty cool!!!☮


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