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Fly High 🙌🏽

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Have You Ever? #TalkTime #Romance — Tisha Shantel

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“Today’s talk time is, Have you ever fell in love with someone who was already in love with someone else? ❤️💛💚💙💜❤️💛💚💙💜”

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I Graduated! #ClassOf2017 #LatePost — Tisha Shantel

So it’s official, I graduated from college! 🎓 I dedicated my graduation theme for my primary care doctor “Doc Adams” who died in April 2017 from cancer. To learn more about cancer visit The American Cancer Society website. Congrats to Class of 2017!

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Let’s drive where the sun dances in the sky!☀️ #photography — Tisha Shantel

☀️🌼 Let’s drive where the sun dances in the sky!☀️ #photography #sun #hipster #sky #music #musicallyapp #FleetwoodMac #Gypsy #trippy A post shared by Tisha Shantel♡ (@tishashantel) on Jul 9, 2017 at 3:15am PDT

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Sweet Dreams! #Throwback

Sweet Dreams!

Drive of Clouds #Photography  — Tisha Shantel

Awesome moment☁️

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Be the best you! — Tisha Shantel

Her words,

Be the best you!

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Today Is World #Diabetes Day 2016 — Tisha Shantel

We’re all praying for you, Tisha!

I’ve been dealing with having unstable blood glucose since I was a child. However, I wasn’t officially diagnosed as a diabetic until last year in 2015. This passed year has been long from highs and lows. Trying to adjust to my new diabetic medicine, to seeing new diabetic specialists, having my first diabetic eye exam, […]

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Tisha Shantel Story #Naturalhair #Bullied

We send our deepest prayers to Tisha Shantel and her Mother Pat.


A prayer from my mom :) #God #Quote — Tisha Shantel

Thanks mom 🙂

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