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Be Careful Who You Trust

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A real relationship has what?

“A real relationship has trust, No secrets, No lies.”
Some people just don’t get that.

Inquiries Only,

Fake friends becoming the new trend?

You can’t trust too many people these days. Fake friends are becoming the new trend.

inquiries can be sent to,

Don’t trust who?!?


inquiries can be sent to,

Trust Your

You have to….

Trust is like what?

Omg, don’t you just hate when someone break your trust and then expect
for everything to go back to normal?


Even on sunny days I’m crying

Have you ever put so much trust in someone who said they loved you, but then that person broke your trust into, without giving one care that they hurt you?

What a painful feeling too feel. I ask myself repeatedly will this pain ever go away? Will I ever get my life back? How do you just hurt the person you say you love?

Even on sunny days I’m crying, I cry so bad that it feels like I’m dying.