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Godly Ma Godly – It’s A Bird!

Can you find the bird?

non- illuminati new art princess!

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.Le'Chantel فريق

My Mom Jamming To Rasheeda and Kandi


Blog Everyday

Tim thinks I should blog everyday lol that’s funny I hope he wasn’t for real…….

Phone Call

Tim called me and omg he kept me on the phone for an hour. That’s nothing new sometimes he stays on the phone for 10 hours; no really he do …the boy can talk…. lol….. Anyway Hope everyone is doing great…. HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!!!♥

So long ago…

Drake The Motto Ft Tim

LOL We Have So Much Fun At The Store….

Great Week!

What a great week so far… We hope the same for everyone else!!!♥ ttyl

Le’Chantel Team Snow Day Vlog! 2010

This is from 2010.

Sh*t Mother Says To Prank Caller

LOL, So my mom wanted me to post this… ♥
P.S Sketch- Parody- Episodes.

Annoying Bathroom Water!!!

Stuff We Do At Walmart