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Happy Halloween 2012

We hope all have a safe Halloween!!! 10/31/2012

iLLuminate Oz

Nashville City

The Belle Stars IKO IKO

Electric Digital Meters A (Reblog)

We just had to share this post by someone 🙂


It’s a shame to say that Tullahoma Utility Board, has put up these new electric digital meters just to make people pay higher electric and water bill, so that they can make lots of money for themselves. I feel that it is very wrong for them to rip people out of their money the way the economy is going.

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All you need to paint Quote

“All you need to paint is a few tools, a little instruction, and a vision in your mind.” ♥– Bob Ross

Weekend 10/27/2012

We hope all is having a great weekend….. ♥

Natina Reed, Musician & Star of Bring It On, Died at 32

Natina Reed, an R&B singer with the girls’ band Blaque, died early Saturday after being struck by a car just north of Lillburn, Georgia, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution. Authorities reportedly ruled out a hit-and-run contrary to earlier online reports. Reed would have turned 33 on Sunday.

Rest In Peace.♥

Rebuild yourself back together

When people tear you down, don’t stay down. Rebuild yourself back together! ♥

(I tell myself the same thing.) Stay hopeful and don’t give up!

My Heart Still Aches