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Mother of ‘GMA’ Co-Host Robin Roberts Dies

NEW YORK (AP) — The mother of “Good Morning America” co-host Robin Roberts has died.
The death came on the same day Roberts said goodbye to her co-workers and audience before starting medical leave for a bone marrow transplant.

We send our prayers.♥


Just Burn My Love ‘Away`

Madonna 80’s megamix

90s Kids!

Technotronic Pump Up The Jam

Salt-N-Pepa Twist & Shout

Ball Of Wonder

Jersey Shore: Ending With Season Six

MTV is ending the fist-pumping ratings hit and cultural phenomenon “Jersey Shore” after this season, the network says.

The decision comes amid skyrocketing salaries for the cast of former unknowns, which has made MTV’s most successful series increasingly expensive to produce. MTV said “Jersey Shore” will end after its sixth season, which premieres Oct. 4.

The network will commemorate the end of the show with farewell programming beginning next Thursday, with a one-hour retrospective called “Gym, Tan, Look Back” that will air before MTV’s Video Music Awards.

Good-Bye Jersey Shore♥


The Feelings Of Color

‘Still have people penned in’ By Isaac flooding; rains shifting to Mississippi

Hundreds of people were evacuated in darkness overnight while new areas in southern Louisiana flooded as slow-moving Tropical Storm Isaac crawled north. Its eye was heading toward Arkansas, but its heaviest rain bands were now moving over Mississippi.

“We still have people penned in both (Plaquemines and St. John) parishes,” Lt. Col. Michael Kazmierzak, a Louisiana National Guard spokesman, told The Weather Channel Thursday morning. “We’re still assisting with evacuations in both of those parishes.”

“The big thing we’ve been doing through the night is with St. John’s,” he said. “We’ve assisted locals with evacuations of more than 3,000 people” there.

“The weather was definitely a major part of the difficulty,” he added, “but when you get into darkness that creates a problem of its own, just being able to see and identify where the people are located.”

Protected by federal levees, central New Orleans appeared to have escaped the worst of the storm, but rural areas of Louisiana and neighboring Mississippi were swamped and power outages widespread.

We send our prayers to everyone there.