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Words of encouragement!!!

Enjoy life to the fullest and spend lots of time with the people you love!!!!♥


Dog Creeper!!!! OMG

Odd night at Tim’s house…..

Why do people cheat In Relationships???

Why do people cheat in relationships?

You would think those kind of people that cheat would just end the

relationship (being that they want to be with someone else) – instead of

putting the person they claim to care for and be committed to in pain, but no

they want to stomp your heart into and rip your soul apart by cheating. “Is

that really care or love”? This is one of those topics I’m going to do a part 2



Sometimes we as people need time to ourselves, but “You” well I always have that one person who don’t want to accept that. sigh!!!


Have you ever had a friend to tell your secret, even though they promise they wouldn’t?

Stuff We Do Randomly Outside – Train Day

So I have to admit while making this video, I was really scared standing

that close to a moving train….but Tim thought it was necessary to be that

close and this was what he wanted us to do…

Great Week!

What a great week so far… We hope the same for everyone else!!!♥ ttyl

Le’Chantel Team Snow Day Vlog! 2010

This is from 2010.

New cell phone….

Omg I need a new cell phoneeee – I have no idea of which one I want…wait yeah I do – I don’t want a full touch screen again- I so hate texting on touch screens!!! LOL-
Random Post.♥

P.S I don’t want a full touch screen – mean♥ something like an LG Ally!!!! To me that’s a phone I can text on ♥ it’s not a full touch screen…

Cold outside!

It’s very cold outside, well here where we live at…. Omg- this is one of those kinda post that I could have just tweeted. LoL!

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