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Sorry, but we like to party! party!

We love this pic!!!!


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Great things take time!!!

“Never give up! Great things take time.”

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Wal-Mart Recalls 174,000 Dolls Over Burn Risk!!!!


“Wal-Mart Stores Inc. is recalling 174,000 dolls because the toy can overheat and potentially burn consumers.
The Consumer Product Safety Commission said Tuesday that the “My Sweet Love / My Sweet Baby Cuddle Care Baby Doll” has a circuit board in its chest that can overheat, causing the surface of the doll to get hot and burn someone.
Wal-Mart has received 12 reports of incidents, including two burns or blisters to the thumb.”

OMG that’s scary!!! The doll itself looks scaRy lol…. Poor thang!
Can we say scary? Shucks lets just mark through it so no one will get mad.

But really everyone go buy this cute little devil, we can all get “burn” together!


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T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle Pay Homage To ‘The Cosby Show’

“When it comes to showcasing their appreciation for classic television shows, T.I.’s family sure knows how to add their own flavor to the mix.
In promotion of their forthcoming season 4 premiere of VH1’s “T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle” on March 31, the upbeat collective have decided to take a page from “The Cosby Show” playbook and revamp the show’s trademark jazz intro. ”

That’s awesome!!!!


Will She Die?

What do she mean by her heart is in a maze?
Who are “they” and can they save her, or will she die?

Her heart in a maze

Judge Joe Brown Arrested?

“MEMPHIS, Tenn. (AP) — The star of the television show “Judge Joe Brown” has been arrested and charged with five counts of contempt of court in Tennessee. Shelby County Juvenile Court officials said the 66-year-old Brown was sentenced to five days in jail after causing an outburst Monday in a courtroom hearing. A spokesman for the Shelby County Juvenile Court, chief Magistrate Judge Dan Michael, said Brown appeared to have been representing a client who was accused of not paying child support.”

Judge Joe Brown is awesome!!! He don’t play, he will tell you like it is.


A little facts,
Judge Joe Brown “became the first African-American prosecutor in the city of Memphis. He would later open his own law practice before becoming a judge on the State Criminal Court of Shelby County, Tennessee.”

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Hey! Dear Karma

“Dear Karma, I have a list of people you missed…”
Go find them!!!

Oh! Here’s your mail!

OMG Yelp LOL!!!!



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Sean Kanan ‘A.J Quartermaine’ Leaving General Hospital?

“It may not come as the biggest surprise considering the current condition of his on-screen alter ego, but Sean Kanan (A.J. Quartermaine) has confirmed that his time at General Hospital is just about up.

In an interview with TV Guide Magazine’s Michael Logan, Kanan expressed mixed emotions about the 18 months he spent back in Port Charles.

“I was utterly thrilled to be brought back to GH for the 50th anniversary and really enjoyed working with [executive producer] Frank Valentini, but I was not over the moon about the writing,” Kanan said. “Doing stories about panic attacks and relish was not what I thought I’d signed up for. I feel I brought everything I could to the character yet it was obvious they weren’t going to give me a great love story, which I found very disappointing.”

Kanan will continue working at GH through March 28, and he’ll air through mid-April.

When Kanan wraps things at General Hospital, he’ll be headed “home” to The Bold and the Beautiful. ”

Note from us,

That sucks and it is “disappointing” VERY! The writers could have given him a better story line, you know *Butter it up some.* ABC should hire us to write for GH, because our storylines would be so mind blowing……..LOL!
Be sure to watch General Hospital weekdays on ABC,
And The Bold and the Beautiful weekdays on CBS!

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You should smile because

Ashanti – I Got It ft. Rick Ross: Love this song!!!

We love this song!!!!
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