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Faye Dunaway Few Serve As Actors Quote

So many people are called but few serve as actors, you know what I mean? Faye Dunaway♥

Justin Bieber Suffers Concussion After Paris Concert

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images via ABC

E! News confirms that the 18-year-old—who has been making numerous headlines lately—suffered a slight concussion after performing in Paris tonight.
It turns out that Biebs hit a glass wall in between songs (those can definitely be tricky) and felt a little disoriented. Being the dedicated young worker he is, Bieber finished the concert, but passed out for about 15 seconds in his dressing room afterward. J.B. is all right and in fact, he’s already laughing the whole thing off.

That’s really great he’s okay………

New York City Bans Large Sodas!

(CNN) — New York City officials are proposing banning the sale of large-size sodas and other sugary beverages at restaurants and food carts.
“More than half of NYC adults (58%) are overweight or obese,” Mayor Michael Bloomberg tweeted Thursday. “We’re doing something about it.”

It’s not like people can’t double up! Now there’s going to be people buying 2 medium-size sodas just to get their large-size soda…..If people want to drink sodas well that’s their choice……It’s not illegal…..

Now (58%) are underweight or Anorexic. What are you going to do about that?


Jcpenney Dance Dares


Fans Visit Snow White and the Huntsman

Snow White & The Huntsman – Extended Sneak Peek Trailer

Kat Graham Heartkiller

Joan Crawford Hollywood Is Like Life Quote

Hollywood is like life, you face it with the sum total of your equipment.
Joan Crawford♥

Bobbi Kristina Brown Reportedly Walks Off Tyler Perry Set: Perry Says It’s Not True?

“Did Whitney Houston’s daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown actually walk off the set of her first acting gig on Tyler Perry’s For Better or Worse? In spite of Perry’s response to the rumor, it seems there are still some sources insisting she did leave.

Bobbi Kristina was already used to such things, being the daughter of a controversial singing star. But since her mother’s death she’s been looking to her own career, recently taking a guest role on Perry’s series. Perry is a family friend who apparently offered her the role after she mentioned her desire to act. Sympathy casting for sure, but today there are rumors she couldn’t handle the gig. Radar Online posted the rumor this morning that she walked off the set of the show in tears and couldn’t complete her role.

Tyler Perry is none too pleased about this rumor, responding on his own website, stating in no uncertain terms that Bobbi Kristina did in fact complete her scenes and never walked off the set. His anger is pretty clear in his all-caps request that people “please leave this baby alone”. Perry also stated that she “did a great job”, which is yet to be judged by viewers of the show. Although Radar did update the story with Perry’s response, the gossip site still insists their source is correct and she did walk off in tears.”

If in fact she did leave that’s her choice it’s not a crime……..besides everyone has to leave the set to go home…. Duh! Stop picking on Bobbi Kristina………


Kim Kardashian’s Sunglasses Stolen by Airline Employees

Kim Kardashian‘s eyewear has sentimental value. According to TMZ, the reality TV star arrived to France only to find that her luggage was on the light side. Allegedly, employees of British Airways ransacked her belongings and stole a vintage pair of sunglasses that were given to her by her late father.

That’s just awful… We hope whoever took her sunglasses will have a heart and give her sunglasses back to her, because sentimental things can’t be replace.


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