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All My Children and One Life To Live Is Back!

“The new 30-minute episodes from Prospect Park launched this morning on Hulu, set to post new episodes every weekday starting at 5 AM ET/2AM PT.”

How awesome is that!!!



iLLuminate Oz Part 2

iLLuminatah 2013 Art Cover

iLLuminatah 2013 Art Cover

Mother Thought Daughter Was Dead!!!

Glee is renewed for two more seasons!

“Fox has just announced that it has picked up its popular musical series from co-creator Ryan Murphy for two more seasons.”

Yay, So happy!

Music is joy!

The New Le'Chantel Team`

FOX not ordering anymore ‘Cleveland Show?’

“FOX hasn’t officially canceled “The Cleveland Show,” but it has not yet ordered additional episodes, a person familiar with the situation told TheWrap.

The network already has renewed “The Simpsons,” “Family Guy,” “American Dad,” As it now stands, new episodes of “Cleveland” only will run through May.”

Well that sucks…Make you wonder -_-


The Eye Of The Owl

Can you find it “♪” in 10 seconds?

Someone had this and we thought it was kind of fun lol. Can you find it “♪” in “10 seconds?”


Twitter #Music!!!

“Twitter #Music, a service which’ll help you discover tunes based on Twitter activity, doesn’t exactly come as a surprise. The social network’s been teasing this one for a while and the rumor mill’s been steadily churning out its secrets. But, as of Thursday, the service is finally official and you’ll be able to start using it on the Web or iOS shortly.

Twitter #Music relies on tweets and engagement to detect which songs and artists are particularly popular. In theory, you should be able to discover something of interest by scrolling through top charts or searching through songs shared by the people you follow. (Twitter #Music lets you see which songs and musicians your favorite artists listen to and follow as well, in case you’re interested in that sort of thing.)”


Music Maze

Luke and Laura GH50

They’re so cute!!!

L&L GH50

Selena Gomez ~ Come & Get It

Awesome song!

LeChantel Team Love Music...