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‘Rush Hour 4’ Movie?

When “Rush Hour 3” came out in 2007, it appropriately felt like that franchise’s swan song. The jokes were stale and unfunny, Jackie Chan could barely bend his knees, and Chris Tucker seemed to overcompensate for everything by loudly bleating his lines like a badly injured goat. The only positive thing that came out of the movie was that it—combined with the poor reception of 2006’s “X-Men: The Last Stand”—momentarily derailed Brett Ratner’s career. Caught in a tailspin of turgid plots and ever-dwindling profits, Ratner somehow didn’t stain Hollywood’s good name or erode our cultural currency with another “film” until 2011’s semi-disastrous “Tower Heist.”

Still, despite all of the above, certain malevolent forces seem intent on making “Rush Hour 4” a reality. Or at least series producer Arthur Sarkissian, who revealed as much in an interview with Crave Online. His plan? To introduce two younger characters who could keep the franchise going indefinitely, but have Tucker and Chan around at least for one more installment to sort of “pass the torch,” as it were? Maybe. But Sarkissian also envisions Chan getting married to “The Help’s” Oscar-winning Octavia Spencer, because: funny.

The one saving grace of Sarkissian’s seemingly sad little plan? That Ratner, mercifully, would not be involved, unless he agreed to do it “the right way,” whatever that is. Taking cues from the original “Rush Hour” and also “Fast Five,” Sarkissian sees this next sequel as both grittier and more down-to-earth, while also possibly introducing Tucker and Chan to a new, heretofore unseen world. At least for them.


Robin Williams Cast as Eisenhower in ‘The Butler’!

Robin Williams has been cast as Dwight D. Eisenhower in Lee Daniels’ sprawling historical epic “The Butler.” The news was announced via press release from ID-PR on Wednesday evening.

He’s a great actor….♥


SKYFALL Official Teaser Trailer

Jay-Z to take on ‘Annie’ Soundtrack For Willow Smith Film

Jay-Z is providing musical direction for the new movie version of stage musical “Annie” starring Will Smith’s daughter Willow.

Yay Willow!

The Exorcist’ Being Remade as a TV Miniseries

It’s the first horror movie to get an Oscar nomination for Best Picture, and now, William Peter Blatty’s classic exorcism thriller, “The Exorcist,” will be remade as a 10-episode TV miniseries.

That’s really great for those who want to see it…. I would be to creeped out to fully watch lol…..


Battleship Trailer 2 [HD]

‘The Avengers’ weekend debut shatters records

“The Avengers” thundered its way to box-office history, rolling up $200.3 million for the biggest three-day U.S. weekend ever.
How awesome is that…….♥


Bette Davis Quote Realism♥

Hollywood always wanted me to be pretty, but I fought for realism.
Bette Davis♥

Hip Hop Old School Tribute!

Little Cat and The Big Scream!!! 2011

That’s what happens when you’re trying to run at night with other people.